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         Small Business, Corporations, & Women's Events
                                        HIRE JULIE & VITALIA 
        to present their most popular half-day training program
                             "BEAUTY MEETS BUSINESS!"
                (based on their delightful A - Z favorite tips book pack)

            This half-day training session covers all the A-Z basics for 
                     and is our most requested audience favorite!
     Entertaining, Engaging, and Exciting! 
                           OPTIONAL PROGRAM FORMATS:
                    45 - Minute Options = $1,000.00 

                 <  A - Z Beauty Tips       " How to Look & Feel Your Best!"

                 < A - Z Fashion Tips      " Dress to Impress!"

                 < A - Z Health Tips         " Increase Your Longevity!"

                 < A - Z Wellness Tips    " Live a Harmonious Life!"

Note: Workshops listed above may accommodate a 45-60 minute "break-out" session and are focused on one topic:  Beauty - Fashion - Health - Wellness.
                   The 45-minute "Sampler" = $1,000.00

This option provides a brief overview of all four subject areas: Beauty - Fashion - Health - Wellness, focusing on just one essential element for each. See sample topics below (partial listing):

              "The 4 Essential A's" for Beauty, Fashion, Health, and Wellness:
                        (Attitude - Accessories - Aromatherapy - Affirmations)

                 "The 4 Essential B's" for Beauty, Fashion, Health, and Wellness: 
                    ( Body Language - Basic Black - Body Massage - Balance)

                "The 4 Essential C's" for Beauty, Fashion, Health, and Wellness: 
                                (Confidence - Classics - Cleansing - Careers)

Note: Combine ANY TWO of our 45-minute workshops listed above
            for a customized 90-minute training session ($2,000.00) 
            Combine ALL FOUR of the workshops listed above for our 
            MOST REQUESTED Half-Day Training Program ($3,000.00).  
Please note above speaking fees do not include travel/lodging and we highly encourage pre-orders for our A-Z book pack at generous preferred client volume discounts! - Call (952) 221-1701 for more details!
                                              BOOKING INFO:
Julie and Vitalia are available to co-present any of these fun, inspiring workshops and training programs for your special event.  If interested in any of our favorite A - Z  workshops, we encourage you to contact us ASAP for booking information.  Please note that due to the high volume of "on-site" training requests, we suggest a 6-8 week advanced notice to reserve your date.
For more workshop details and to book your next inspiring event, call Julie at 651-485-6293 or Vitalia at 952-221-1701.  We would be happy to speak with you directly regarding your goals and program needs.

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