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                               Charitable Organizations

"Whether we pay it forward or pay it back, Inspired Thinking believes that charitable giving creates a positive ripple effect.  We believe our programs enrich our clients' professional development and personal growth, our products enhance the beauty within, and our profits ensure the continued support for achieving the missions set forth by our favorite charitable organizations."  
                                                                      ----Vitalia Pundyk & Julie Hill 
                                                                             Inspired Thinking, LLC 

Note: 10% of the proceeds from our public programs are distributed equally among our list of favorite charitable organizations and all non-profits receive a discounted rate for on-site training events at their locations.

             For more information and to book your next Inspiring Event, call 
                          Julie at (651) 485-6293 or Vitalia at (952) 221-1701. 

                                We support the following organizations:
                                          (listed in alphabetical order)

                                         American Heart Association

                                            Animal Humane Society                                               

                                                 The Smile Train


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