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                                                           Summer 2020

 Julie B. Hill - Founder                                                    

“Optimist: Daydreamer more elegantly spelled.” --Mark Twain
                                                     Fashion:  O = Optimism
                                                 Julie B. Hill

An upbeat, optimistic person has a spirit of fashion that draws people to them.  When you feel great about yourself, you inspire others to feel great about themselves. 

Optimism makes a powerful fashion statement which expands and enriches people’s lives.  Here are a few tips to develop a confident, optimist fashion presence:
1) Believe in yourself -- translate that belief into your fashion wardrobe!  When we are confident and believe in who we are, we walk with more purpose and our clothing looks better on us!

2) Have fun in the summer with playful clothing and accessories.  Add a pop of color when possible.  It will give you a boost of energy!!

3) This is a challenging time for us all with the pandemic, civil unrest, and challenges with business openings.  Fashion is a wonderful way to bring a smile to your face and the faces of others!!  

Fashion Tip: Go on-line to our Web-Site and get a ticket to the “Tea Party & Mini-Fashion Show”…. You will see clothing ideas from WBL Mainstreet Boutique!!  It’s going to be an AWESOME EVENT!!!!

                                                                                         Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk, M.Ed/DTM -  Co-Owner

“Don't negatize, positize!” - Roman Pundyk, DTM

                 Business:  "O = Optimism"
               Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk, M.Ed/DTM

There are people in this life who always seem to be in the right place at the right time and there are people in this life who also seem to attract the right people to help them achieve their business goals and objectives.

What is the main attraction ingredient? – It’s positivity and natural optimism!

By putting yourself out there and meeting people who will support your dream, you are more likely to create business growth opportunities for yourself.  Even if an opportunity does not manifest immediately, continue to be optimistic and have faith that something is on the horizon.  

Ask yourself, “What is my positivity ratio?” As you know, our attitudes are contagious.  Both positive and negative attitudes are like Velcro- they really stick.  During these challenging Covid-19 times, it is natural for our brain to ruminate on the bad stuff and let the good stuff slip out of our awareness.  So another question to ask yourself is “What am I spreading?” Positivity or Negativity?

Negative emotions weigh us down and steal our joy.  Being more positive and optimistic allows us to be more customer service creative and business-solutions oriented.  It also increases trust and connection in relationships.  We need three positive emotions to lift us up for every negative emotion that drags us down.

During these challenging times, particularly for those of us in small business, it may be hard to stay positive and be optimistic.  (Nobody can do this all the time.)  It is important for us to remember that in every situation and person, there is something good, but you may need to look for it because the bad will naturally jump out at you.

 If you are feeling negative, stressed or pessimistic, you are most likely thinking negative. Stop the negative self-judging talk!  

Business Tip:  Spend time with the wrong people and you learn bad habits and ruin your reputation. Spend time with the right people and you will experience living a more positive life. I call it "Relationship Currency".  What you put in, is what you get out.  I encourage you to examine more closely what kind of exchange you are getting.  By practicing more positivity, it will help you gain a more optimistic outlook on both your business and your life!


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