Inspired Thinking, LLC - Imagine.  Dream.  Transform.
"Drop a pebble in the water, there's a splash, and it's gone.  
 Notice the expanding ripples circling on and on. 
 Spreading farther from the center, flowing on beyond what you can see,  
 And there's no way of telling where the end is going to be."  
                                                                                        -- Author Unknown
               OUR MISSION:
The mission of Inspired Thinking educational programs is to help our clients discover their inner beauty and develop skills to express themselves confidently resulting in a positive image
We support beauty industry business growth through engaging, entertaining, educational programs that improve confidence, communication, and customer relations skills.    
We develop beautiful programs, products, and people, inspiring our clients to imagine...dream...and transform!
                                           WHO ARE WE?
          Founder                                                                                 Co-Owner
       Julie B.Hill                     "Beauty Meets Business"             Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk             
We provide keynotes, workshops, consulting, and educational services that:
< increase your productivity.
< improve your bottom line.
< inspire your teams to higher
   levels of success!
For more information and to book your next inspiring event, call Julie at (651) 485-6293 or
                                       Vitalia at (952) 221-1701  and we'll be happy to discuss your program needs.

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